If It's Not Scottish, It's Crap!


Yes, the regional barista competitions are in full swing here in the States, but we’d be remiss not to mention some results from around the world. Today I just read about the Scottish Regional in the United Kingdom, with the winner being a barista who left his gig at the Royal Bank of Scotland four years ago to pursue his dream of opening a coffee shop. And with the resulting financial meltdown, we can say he made a prescient move. To clarify, I doubt that Jonathan Sharp’s leaving the bank caused the global financial crisis, but you know he did work as an auditor, and it does seem that that was skill sorely lacking in the last few years.

Moving on… here’s what some might call the money quote from the story:

Jonathan Sharp, 31, was presented with the prestigious coffee-making award on Wednesday (21/01) after beating off stiff competition from baristas from all over the country.

I guess that someone had fun at the editor’s desk or our slang is a little different from our Scottish brethren.

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