News that maybe you can use
Ron Burgundy is not delivering this news.

Some quick news items today from the world of coffee.

Proving that the recession has not affected all sectors of the economy (or even all coffee retailers) equally, Peet’s coffee exceeded Wall Street’s predicted earnings.

Vice President Joe Biden speaks at Next Energy. (AP Photo)

Showing the ability to seize the moment, when   Detroit, Mich., coffee shop owner, Raymone Crowe, Jr., found out that the Vice President was going to speak across the street from his café, Crowe unleashed “Super Joe” a specially created latte and sent out emails inviting customers to come into his store for the occasion. Sales increased by double-digits.

Meanwhile, in Vermont, rumors run wild that the Green Mountain State’s own Green Mountain Coffee may be looking to relocate either its headquarters, production facility or both. Possible destinations include Seattle, Tennessee and Boston. Folks in Vermont are not happy and hope to keep the company in its eponymous home state.

And finally, the folks at Wired commemorate today Aug. 11 as the 106th anniversary of instant coffee. Great. Thanks.

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