Mexican Barista Championships Underway

The MBC and the Mexican Latte Art Championship (with berths on the line for the World Championships in Colombia in 2011) are underway today, and the Mexican Coffee Expo trade show floor opens up today too.

First up this morning were the first six competitors in the Latte Art Championship. Six more will compete tomorrow before the finals on Saturday.

Aquiles Gonzales Pereyra was the first competitor of the day.
Aurora Aleli Monero from Cafe Passmar pours her first drinks.
Perennial emcee Jose Arreola congratulates Aurora after her performance.

As it is the first latte art championship for Mexico, some kinks are still getting worked out in the system. One of the benefits for the SCAE-format for the competition is the immediate score tabulation and display to the competitors and audience, however, for this first round, scores are announced immediately following the next competitors performance.

Luis Mendez competes while Aurora waits for her scores.

The judges display Aurora's (terrific!) scores.

Remember, you can watch the competition live here:

Hey, and while you’re watching or in between competitors don’t forget to take some time and work on your 3-5 minute video submission to win your free trip to the Barista Guild of America’s Camp Pull-A-Shot this October!

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