Coffee Gear and Equipment

4 Small Companies You Should Know About

Whether you want to revamp your coffee setup, your wardrobe, or your kitchen, these four companies have you covered, while helping to cover their communities. BY J. MARIE CARLANBARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Featured photo courtesy of […]


Specialty Cafés to Check Out in Lisbon

The coffee scene in Lisbon has blossomed, with shops offering brunch, coffees from exceptional roasters throughout Europe, and unique experiences to impress the drinker. BY MICHAELA TOMCHEKSPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE Photos by Michaela Tomchek The […]

Know Your Ingredients

Know Your Sweeteners: Dates

The Medjool date is the world’s oldest cultivated fruit, and today, dates can be used to provide a light and natural sweetness to coffee and tea. BY EMILY JOY MENESESBARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Featured photo by […]


Eduardo Choza Roasts His Way to U.S. Championship

We talk to the longtime Roasters competitor about winning the national championship in Chicago. BY CHRIS RYANBARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Photos courtesy of Mayorga Coffee At the 2023 U.S. Roasters Championship in Portland, Ore., last April, […]

Three men stand together on a coffee farm.
People in Coffee

Direct Trade: Purpose Over Definition

We explore the intricacies of ’direct trade’ in the coffee industry through insights from Nikola Sunko, green buyer and roaster at Bell Lane Coffee. BY VASILEIA FANARIOTISENIOR ONLINE CORRESPONDENT Photos courtesy of Bell Lane Coffee […]