James Hoffmann & Nuova Simonelli Offer Fascinating Seminar in Portland

James Hoffmann spoke about the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia T3 at the American Barista & Coffee School event on Tuesday in Portland.

In early 2012, after being selected by the World Coffee Events organization as the official espresso machine for the World Barista Championship (WBC) for 2012 “2014, Nuova Simonelli launched the first of its kind traveling education series on the machine that would be used for this event, which is regarded as the most high level barista contest in the world: the Aurelia T3. They would be joined on this tour by three former WBC champions: Gwilym Davies of the UK (WBC Champ in 2009); James Hoffmann of the UK (WBC Champ in 2007); and Fritz Storm of Denmark (WBC Champ in 2002). Each of these three esteemed coffee pros have come to know Aurelia II T3 and who appreciate its new features and the innovative T3 technology, have decided to present the Nuova Simonelli coffee machine in workshops organized all around the world.

The tour began on February 11, 2012, in Moscow with James Hoffmann as the presenter. This was followed by a stop in Toronto, Canada, and then on to Vancouver, with Gwilym in early March 2012; an appearance by James on Oslo, Norway, in March; then seminars in Aahrus, Denmark, and Stockholm, Sweden, by Fritz.
“Having three big names in the industry, three world champion baristas who have decided to be ambassadors for the Aurelia II T3 is an indication that our company is on the right course: investment in new technologies, of working together and sharing knowledge with baristas,” says Nando Ottavi, President of Nuova Simonelli. œOur goal, through this new generation of machines, is to achieve great results in terms of product quality in the cup, as well as with our image and sales. Our work will continue with the aim of offering espresso coffee machines that feature reliable technology to maintain a constant supply of espresso beverages. Aurelia II T3 is an exceptional example, and three world champion baristas have confirmed that.”
The tour was still continuing this past week when James and the Nuova Simonelli team from Italy visited Portland, Ore., immediately following the SCAA show in Boston. This is a particularly exciting time for a workshop, as the WBC is only one month away; it will commence May 23 in Melbourne, Australia. According to the company, “The need to help baristas win the battle for temperature stability has been one of the central themes of many years of research established by Nuova Simonelli with coffee professionals. Consequently, this critical point has been reviewed with a long-term research conducted in collaboration with prestigious universities and then translated into technical applications by the team of designers at Nuova Simonelli. The process of technological evolution called T3, first introduced into the Aurelia coffee machine, is highly evolved. In fact, it allows the barista to set, with the utmost accuracy, three different parameters of temperature: steam, water infusion and delivery group. This ensures pinpoint accuracy and therefore excellent extractions. Precisely because of this innovative system, as well as the excellent ergonomics and design, the Aurelia II – T3 is getting acclamation from all over the world and the most enthusiastic reviews come from professional baristas who often find themselves using different blends, for which it is important to associate specific temperature parameters.”
Aurelia II T3 is the espresso machine for the most demanding professional baristas because it guarantees even more advanced performance in terms of accuracy, quality, extraction, flexibility and consistent results. The T3 system sets new standards of reference for the thermal accuracy in the water supply. The barista can set, with maximum flexibility, the temperature of disbursement of each group, using 3 different parameters (water, group, steam). The machine’s electronics do the rest: digital probes for pressure and temperature instantly send information to the control unit, which actively manages each variable through three independent PIDs (for a total of 7 in the 3-group version). The result is precision beyond compare, independently of the workload or the environmental conditions in which the Aurelia II T3 is working. The temperature of the water supply in each group can be controlled in real time from the display.
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