Dalla Corte Shares Lessons from the Pros In Beautiful Video Series

Fabrizio of Mexico is featured in one of Dalla Corte's beautiful Coffee Pros videos.

We were excited to share the fantastic video produced by Dalla Corte that features previous Barista Champion of Mexico, Fabrizio Sención Ramírez a week ago, and you guys loved it! Loads of you came right here to the blog to watch it. So when I saw Antonella Curtrona of Dalla Corte at the SCAA show in Boston last week, I raved about it to her. And to my surprise, she told me there were more videos up besides the one on Fabrizio! So I’m super excited to share them with you here. (And if you didn’t see the Fabrizio video yet, I’ve posted it here at the bottom of the page.)

#1. ANDREJ GODINA: This guy is a coffee brainiac of the highest degree: he holds a PhD in the Economics and Science of Coffee, registered in the Trieste Chamber of Commerce and Industry Rolls of Coffee Experts, Associate professor of coffee training courses, SCAE Authorized Trainer. This beautiful short video will give you access to his both scientific and romantic view of coffee.

#2. INGO ROGALLA: Coffee in Switzerland would be a long ways behind where it is today if not for Ingo Rogalla. The founder of Switzerland’s first coffee and espresso training center, Ingo also won the Swiss Cup Tasters Championship in 2008. He went on to write the seminal Coffee, Espresso, and the Barista. He is the exclusive importer of Dalla Corte espresso machines for the Swiss market.

#3. TROELS POULSEN: One of Barista Magazine‘s friends from the start, Troels Overdal Poulsen graced the cover of our second issue back in 2005 after he won the World Barista Championship in Seattle. Troels has held a steady course, growing and developing as a coffee professional ever since his win. He is a trainer for the Copenhagen Coffee Academy, and works for Kontra Coffee in Copenhagen. He is, simply put, one of our favorite people. Watch this video and you’ll see why.

#4. FABRIZIO SENCION RAMIREZ: Multi time Barista Champion of Mexico, Fabrizio made history by placing number two in the World Barista Championship in Vienna, Austria, in 2012. He owns a cafe and roastery in Guadalajara called 5pm, and is regarded throughout the coffee and barista community as one of the best baristas and guys in general around. I love this video, an inside look at Fabrizio’s life. Hope you like it, too.

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