Had Enough of New York City?


Hope not. The Big Apple continues to shine, and independent coffee shops are getting their well-deserved props.
As New York scene continues to boom, Time Out New York has just published a guide to anyone who had depended on Starbucks, found their local shop closed, and is looking for a great new café. Luckily there is no shortage of opportunities for coffee lovers to find a new favorite stop. I’m always glad to see local shops get their dues, so please if you know of a place that’s getting local coverage for doing what they do (providing excellent coffee to their customers) send us a link and let us know. It’s not all about New York after all. I even heard there’s some great stuff happening right now in Denver. But I guess that’s not technically coffee-related.

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  1. yeah, Novo did get some fantastic new crop Colombian in…..Denver, right?

    Like coffee, it is SUBSTANCE not FORM…taste with you palate not your eyes 🙂


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