Wish You Were Here…

Slow Food Nation kicked off today in San Francisco! But actually, I’m not “here” to wish you were here. I’m mellowing back in Portland and excitedly receiving photos from my friends who are there. To be perfectly honest, I’m ok with sitting this one out, since Ken just got back from his motorcycle trip up the coast with his dad, and we only have the weekend together before I leave for the Mexican Barista Championship on Monday. We’re still newlyweds, for christ’s sake. So I’m happy getting reports from my friends who are there: Billy, Andrew, Drew, Baca, Brent, Jared, Liz, Terry Z., Amber, Matthew, Jacob… who else is there?
Brent just sent these photos and said things are in full swing, fun and exciting!


This is the coffee pavilion entrance. Really great job by the curators, Andrew Barnett, Tonx and Eileen Hassi!


Here is a view down the hall while exhibitors are still setting up.


Some lovely La Marzoccos for the espresso bar…


Backstage view.


Outside… how festive and farmy.


The gatherings we’re missing. Andrew Barnett looks like an enthusiastic dinner participant! Save some strength for Mexico next week, Andrew!


I see Jared and Amber and Baca and Andrew and Rev. BillWill…

Those of you at Slow Food this weekend, have a blast! And let us know how things are going!

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