Ghirardelli Mocha Challenge to Reward $1,000 to Winner, $500 to 2nd, and More Based on Your Votes

To celebrate National Mocha Day, we partnered with Ghirardelli to bring you five original mocha recipes.


Photos courtesy of Ghirardelli Chocolate

We could drink mochas made with Ghirardelli Chocolate all day long. Iced, creamy, and refreshing in the summer, and hot, comforting, and decadent in the winter—there’s really no wrong time to enjoy a mocha.

Introducing the Ghirardelli Mocha Challenge

In honor of National Mocha Day­—September 29—we asked five baristas from around the United States to come up with a creative and original recipe for their own signature mocha. It’s the Ghirardelli Mocha Challenge!

Today at Barista Magazine’s Instagram, we present the entries for the Barista Chips Challenge presented by Ghirardelli and Barista Magazine. Check ‘em out!

Everyone’s a winner in this competition: The person with the most votes (read on for explanation) will receive $1,000; second place gets $500; and the remaining three participants each get $200. Thanks, Ghirardelli!

Vote for Your Favorites

The judges of these drinks are none other than YOU, Instagram followers! From today through 12 p.m. PDT on Friday, September 30, each post will be earning “likes.” The post with the most likes by the end of the Mocha Challenge wins!

A mug filled a hot mocha drink and topped with a mountain of whipped cream and Ghirardelli chocolate.
Five baristas have been selected to create drinks featuring Ghirardelli Chocolate.
Instagram voters choose the competition winner!

It should be noted that in order for your vote to count, you must “like” the post on Barista Magazine’s Instagram. We’re encouraging the five participants to campaign for their drinks on their own Instagram page, or their mom’s, or their dog’s, or whomever’s Instagram page. However only the “likes” on the post at @baristamagazine will count toward their tally.

And hey, if you think three of them look amazing, why not like all three? Want to vote for all five drinks? Go for it! We love seeing the coffee community support and celebrate one another!

Ghirardelli banner with their logo, an eagle with blue ribbon and company name. Banner reads "Proud to be  certified as a great place to work!"
Barista Magazine and Ghirardelli Chocolate are proud to present the
Ghirardelli Mocha Challenge.

We gave these baristas a lot of creative freedom—drinks could have alcohol or not, could include espresso or filter coffee, or not, and could be served hot or cold. The primary rule was that they use one or more Ghirardelli chocolate offerings—anything from frappé mixes to hot fudge to sauces, chips, and toppings. And we think you’ll agree that these participants created some dazzling drinks!

Please check out the posts on our Instagram now through Friday—we bet you’ll be drooling over these fun, colorful, unique drinks just like we have been!

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