Ghirardelli Barista Chips Challenge Rewards Winner with $1,000 (and More) Based on Your Votes

We partnered with Ghirardelli to bring you original recipes from six outstanding coffee pros inspired by Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Barista Chips.


You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t like chocolate chips, which is why the folks we asked to participate in the Ghirardelli Barista Chips Challenge had such a blast creating inspired, creative, and darn delicious drinks that showcase the yummy morsels.

Welcome to the Barista Chips Challenge

Knowing how universally beloved chocolate chips are, the masterminds at Ghirardelli created Barista Chips, which are mini bits of the luscious chocolatey goodness the company is known for creating. At first glance, you might think they exist to be a topping—and while they’ll surely make any drink more scrumptious when sprinkled on top, there are loads more uses for Barista Chips—and the Barista Chips Challenge participants pushed their uses to the limit!

Today (Monday, July 11) at Barista Magazine’s Instagram account, we present the entries for the Barista Chips Challenge presented by Ghirardelli and Barista Magazine.

The Ghirardelli Barista Chips Challenge rewards winner with $1000 and 100 pounds of chocolate chips.
The winner of the Barista Chips Challenge not only wins a cool $1,000, they win 100 pounds of Ghirardelli’s Dark Chocolate Barista Chips, too!

Here’s How It Works

We want you to be a part of this, too! We created the Barista Chips Challenge not only to share some exceptional original recipes, but also to engage you in determining which one sounds the best! Starting today at Barista Magazine’s Instagram, you’ll find photos and recipes for these imaginative drinks that incorporate Ghirardelli Barista Chips, and we’re asking you to “like” one (or more!—no reason you can’t vote for several!) you think sounds delicious. Please, go check ‘em out!

“Likes” count as votes, so at the end of this week—on July 15—we’ll see which post has received the most likes, and that person will win big: $1,000 big! But because we value the time and thought each barista put into their drink, we’ll also award $500 for the recipe with the second-most likes, and $200 each to the other three participants.

The winner also gets an extra special treat: 100 pounds of Ghirardelli Barista Chips—holy moly!

We gave these baristas a lot of creative freedom—drinks could have alcohol or not, could include espresso or filter coffee, or not, and could be served hot or cold. The primary rule was that they use Ghirardelli chocolate for their drinks in whatever dreamy way they wanted, and that they included and showcased the Barista Chips. And we think you’ll agree that these participants created some dazzling drinks! 

Please visit Barista Magazine’s Instagram page and start “liking” posts in the Barista Chips Challenge. The winner and runners-up will be determined by whomever has the most likes by 8 p.m. PDT, July 15, 2022. 

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