Do You Want the Rad News or the Ridiculous?

Let’s start with the rad. Our friends at Olympia Coffee Roasting Company ”pssst! they’re the same guys as Espresso Parts! ”just sent us the most bitchen photos of their new delivery system:


Here’s what they have to say about the bikes:

“Olympia Coffee Roasting Company is pleased to announce the arrival of our newest delivery vehicle. Olympia Coffee Roasting in conjunction with Oly Bikes, has taken delivery of our new cargo delivery bicycle.

In an effort to reduce our vehicle trips in the Downtown Olympia Core and reduce impact on the environment, we have started to use a Batavus Cargo delivery bike for our wholesale coffee deliveries. Terry Ziniewicz of Olympia Coffee Roasting worked with Oly Bikes operator Larry Levine to find the right bike for the job. Buying Local was just one of the criteria involved in finding the right bike, said Ziniewicz, and Oly Bikes set us up with a sweet bike.

The bike is designed to carry the average delivery payload and Olympia Coffee will typically be hauling 60 lbs. of fresh roasted Organic coffee on each delivery trip. As the program grows we will be adding bikes and trailers.

Going Green is a current buzz word that many people read about daily and Olympia Coffee is pleased to let those in our community know that with our Organic line of Coffee and an overall view towards sustainability within our part of the world, we are doing our part.”

You guys are so awesome. Go Olympia Coffee!

In the not so awesome category, however, is this little lady, who we’re still not sure is one person or two people, cause that damn sitcom “Full House” got us all confused:


See that mammoth Starbucks cup she’s holding? Chances are, it contains as much fat as a Big Mac, all thanks to a concerned barista who thought Ashley and her sis (if she is indeed a real person) Mary-Kate Olsen were just too damn skinny. So he started secretly making their usual drinks with whole milk instead of the non-fat they requested. The “twins” are denying the news.

And that’s about all I ever want to have to write about Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen in this blog until the end of time.