Best Name Ever

Doing any sort of traveling demands many hours perusing the SkyMall catalog, and it’s always amazing just what is for sale at 30,000 feet. In previous years, hot dog cookers have been popular with multiple, competing versions available. This is one that our cat, Spacey, was lobbying for:

Lately, however, the SkyMall has been taken over by a new offering, highlighting a trend that I didn’t even know was out there. Jagermeister is a terrific choice for a relaxing drink or just getting smashed, but who knew it was in such demand that homes should have a bottle permanently chilling in its own dispenser?

Regardless, I think everyone ought to own one of these glorious machines for the name alone: Lil’ Chill Shot.
I remember back in the 90s, man, when Tupac, Biggie and Lil’ Chill Shot were still alive.