Dance, Monkey! Dance!

Nick Cho (not a dancing monkey)
Nick Cho (not a dancing monkey)

Our old friend, and chairman of the USBC, Nick Cho, recently had an op-ed in the Washington Post writing about his reaction to Starbuck’s not-a-Starbucks café in Seattle.

He writes:

So some people might assume that I’d poo-poo Starbucks’s efforts. Everyone expects the proverbial little guy to sling stones at the big guy, as if doing anything else would be un-American.

But if Starbucks brings one of these new concepts to Washington, I’ll be among the first in line. To me, Starbucks is only a problem if the quality of their coffee gets worse, and this new spinoff might help it get better. (If they want to compete with the likes of Victrola and other great third-wave coffee bars, it’s going to have to get a lot better.)

In addition to pontificating on the pages of the Post, Nick and Trish Rothgeb also recently celebrating the opening of their new DC coffee shop, Chinatown Coffee Company. You can see Nick’s flickr set of the shop here.

(Oh, if you’re curious about the title of the post, read Nick’s piece or try to spy on a Victrola barista sometime…)

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  1. A-ha…. thanks for the clarification, Nick!. Good luck with both of them then!

  2. Chinatown Coffee Company ain’t our shop! It’s a shop that I’m helping start and get going as Trish and I are working on WBCR to come together.

    That said, love ya and miss ya Ken & Sarah!

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