Welcome to the June+July 2015 issue of Barista Magazine!

The  June+July 2015 issue of Barista Magazine is out, featuring the WBC, Cold-Brew Coffee Trends, Cafe Necessities, Tech Support, and much more!

Happy June, everyone! Hard to believe that 2015 is halfway over already, huh? We couldn’t be more pleased to celebrate this mid-year mark with the unveiling of the June+July issue, which features 2015 World Barista Champion Sasa Sestic of Australia on the cover!

June+July 2015 issue of Barista Magazine
The June+July 2015 issue of Barista Magazine is out now.

What a wonderful World Barista Championship it was in Seattle in April, not only because of Sasa’s inspiring performance, but because of the countless incredible turns by coffee professionals we know and love from around the world on that big and badass WBC stage. We celebrate all of them with our usual fanfare in this annual special issue of Barista Magazine. Our World Barista Championship coverage includes:

¢ Feature article on Sasa Sestic ”learn all about this Olympic coffee superstar
¢ Yearbook photo spread, featuring original photos of every National Barista Champion
¢ 6-pages of signature drinks by the finalists in this year’s WBC, with all the details about the ingredients, coffee, and preparation
¢ Interview with outgoing WBC Champ Hidenori Izaki of Japan, who was undeniably one of the sweetest, most charming, humble, and likable WBC champs we’ve ever had
¢ And much more!

June+July 2015 issue of Barista Magazine
Our yearbook of all the National Barista Champions who competed in the WBC this past April in Seattle is only part of the extensive World Barista Championship coverage in the new issue of Barista Magazine

But this issue of Barista Magazine isn’t all about the WBC ”we love competitions, but they’re hardly all that makes our big beautiful coffee world turn! The June+July issue of Barista Magazine also includes these exciting stories:

¢ A new installment in our popular series, “New Adventures in Cold Brew,” which follows the emerging trends fueling this fashionable beverage category. This issue, Lorenzo Perkins tackles the topic of cold-brew signature beverages.

June+July 2015 issue of Barista Magazine
Lorenzo Perkinds tackles signature beverages in our popular series, “New Adventures in Cold Brew”

¢ A detailed and thorough article about everything a new cafe owner needs to know to properly and intelligently stock her start-up cafe. Our regular writer Jon Shadel interviews tons of industry experts to bring you the low-down.

¢ The debut of our new column, Tech Support, which examines all the need-to-know tech information most pertinent to cafe owners. For this initial installment, tech wizard Andy Freivogel of Science breaks down the complexities of credit card fraud, and offers easy to understand solutions.

June+July 2015 issue of Barista Magazine
We’re thrilled to debut our new column, Tech Support, in the June+July issue of Barista Magazine to help cafe owners navigate the rough waters of PCI Compliance and more.

¢ The long and lovely saga of Sarah Allen’s trip to Indonesia with Dalla Corte, where she and some of the world’s best baristas were up-close-and-personal with endangered orangutans and Asian elephants. Learn about the Orangutan Coffee Project Dalla Corte is promoting for the sake of the disappearing Sumatran rainforests, and how you can be a part of it.

¢ Publisher Kenneth Olson traveled to Shanghai for the Hotelex show, and he shares all the juicy details about this wild coffee city in a Field Report.

¢ We interview Yiannis Taloumis, winner of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and owner of the celebrated Taf Coffee in Athens, Greece.

And there is much, much more!

This issue should be hitting mailboxes in the next week around the world, but in case you can’t wait to read it ”or if you don’t have a subscription ”you can read the whole magazine online for FREE by following this link.

We hope you have as much fun reading the new issue of Barista Magazine as we had putting it together!

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