Wednesday at Camp

The sun is out and camp is off to a busy start. Classes actually started at 7 this morning because we have so many campers here who are trying to reach their BGA certifications and they need to complete a number of required classes. Also at 7 was the inaugural Camp Pull-a-Shot 5k race. Bottom line: baristas are unstoppable.
This all comes on the heels of last night’s insane, unbelievable and hilarious team relay race, which included among other things, donuts, apple bobbing, costumes, hula hoops, and of course coffee.
This morning’s classes are really pushing the baristas as they work toward their level one or level two certifications. There’s an introduction to cupping course, Grind, Dose, Tamp, Extract 201, and a 300-level espresso exploration class.
One of the really cool things about camp is the wide variety of participating baristas. Some have years if not decades of experience, and others have months if not weeks, but there are classes appropriate for every level, and the community seems more than willing to embrace them all.






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