Good Morning, Campers!

If only Jon Lewis still had his coffee shop camper, he could be the mascot at Camp Pull-A-Shot.

Well, there should be photos and blog posts from the event on the ground in Galina, Calif., but Sarah is having a hard time getting a working internet feed. That said, she wanted me to make sure to let everyone know that Camp Pull-A-Shot is underway and it’s a blast! Oh, and this first-year event that wasn’t even finalized until just two months ago, is an official sell out! One hundred and ten baristas are in attendence. That is a fantastic start to what is sure to become an annual event that highlights the year.

As soon as the feed gets worked out Sarah will start posting from on the ground. If, however, technology refuses to cooperate (somewhat like the weather since SoCal is socked in with clouds and heavy rain while Portland, Oregon is enjoying a balmy day of sunshine) she’ll post pictures and reports as soon as she gets back to the office on Friday. In the meantime, watch this space and envy the lucky baristas at camp!

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