Watch the Camp Scholarship Videos!

We’ve received 23 amazing videos from baristas intent on winning the Camp Pull-A-Shot Scholarship Program in 2011. These baristas are each taking a turn making a case for why they deserve to go to Camp Pull-A-Shot this year. It’s an amazing event for coffee professionals who want to expand on their bar skills, build community and further their career.

From late August through today, September 26, we have hosted a contest for any barista to submit a video (3 mins or less) for consideration for receipt of the 2011 Camp Pull-A-Shot Scholarship Program. The most deserving barista video will be voted on by the members of the BGA Executive Council, and one lucky barista will win travel expenses, room, board, and all registration fees to Camp this year, October 24 “27.

Click this link to go to the Camp Pull-A-Shot Scholarship Archive where you can watch all the videos from these amazing baristas. And please check back September 30 to find out who the winner of our Scholarship Program is.

Happy watching!

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