WBC Semifinalist #5: Philipp Meier, Switzerland

Philipp Meier is undeniably professional, like the wisened restauranteur whose fine dining establishment you’ve been visiting for decades. But Philipp is in his 20s. To have this kind of presence and graciousness is not only a gift, but something he surely works on. Everyone, myself included, was utterly charmed by him.

Philipp appeared to be technically awesome.

Philipp began his performance by preparing an Aero Press, and introducing the primary flavors that his judges would find in both his coffee and his signature drink: red fruits, honey and orange. He also had small samples of malt, which was an element he also incorporated.

Philipp's intensity and passion came through across the judges' table, as well as throughout the crowd gathered to watch.

Describing his cappuccino, Philipp said it tasted like strawberry flavored milk, the creamy milk assisted by the “sweet lingering tart finish” of his espresso.

Philipp heated malt, honey and water, strained it, and used it as one of several components in his signature drink.

Time: 14.54


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