WBC Semifinalist #4: Per Nordell, Sweden

Per Nordell, who owns a coffee roastery with his wife in the mountains of Sweden, made his performance all about contrasts: using a washed coffee from Antigua, Guatemala, Per discussed how the flavors from that mountainous coffee worked perfectly with the regional, traditional spices and flavors from his own mountainous home.

Per's performance had intimacy: he talked a great deal about his grandfather, who brewed beer in Sweden all of his life, inspiring Per's choice to use malt in his signature drink.

He described the coffee as having a high acidity, with flavors of apricot and walnut, when he tasted it on the cupping table.

Per preparing his signature drink.

His signature drink combined malt, honey water and spices.

The thermos holds malt that has been steeped in hot water for one hour. He strained this essence into his signature drink.

Time: 14 something (i.e., no penalty)

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