WBC Semifinalist #6: Matija Hrkac, Croatia

Matija Hrkac of Croatia began his performance with a thing of beauty: a siphon filled with cherries, golden plums, and red fruits, which he brewed in from of the judges. I was mesmerized watching the bright pink liquid boiling up and then down through the siphon.

Matija talks about what's to come with his judges as his siphon of fruits brews.

It would be only one of many lovely elements in Matija’s performance, where sweet cherries took center stage in the coffee, as well as in the elements of the signature drink.

Those cappuccinos with hints of peanut butter sounded yummy!

Matija used two coffees, one of which was a Brazil for his cappuccinos. He told the judges that the Brazil he was using would lend a peanut butter note to his cappuccinos.

Working the cherry juicer.

In the end, he put four glasses worth of pitted red cherries into a juicer, pulled sweet, fresh juice back into the glasses, and incorporated the siphone brew with this as well as espresso.

Time: 14.59

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