WBC Semifinalist #3: Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, UK

Of course Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood is British ”he’s SO British. Charming, witty, polite, and engaging. His performance is a slow dance, peppered with some swing. I just loved it.

Maxwell alternated between two grinders during his competition.

He swooned over his coffee, a Bolivian from Producer Valentine, whose 10-hectare lot produces this exceptional coffee known for the sweetness of tomatoes and cherries, and the acidity of grapefruit.

Steaming milk for his cappuccinos, Maxwell told the judges that he sourced the milk from a small farm in Southwest England, where the milk comes from organic jersey cows.

Of his cappuccinos, Maxwell said the combination of this special milk and coffee brought back a childhood memory of his favorite drink, a Walnut Whip, which consists of whipped cream and milk chocolate, topped with a walnut.

Post cappuccinos, he prepped his signature drink, brewing tea, and juicing grapefruits. But before the signature drink, he would prepare his espressos, and he prepared his judges by saying, “I will show you what this coffee is capable of.”

Time: 15.10

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