WBC Semifinalist #11: Miki Suzuki, Japan

Miki Suzuki just dropped a big ol’ cute bomb up in here. Seriously, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a barista who is so adorable, so cute, and also so technically brilliant, and passionate about coffee.

Miki preparing a cupping for the judges to enjoy.

Miki went to Nicaragua to visit the farm where her coffees came from, and she brought the whole experience of being there to her performance. She offered the judges a small cupping of the coffee, a natural process. Interestingly, Miki only recently came around to naturals, but now she loves them.

Miki's passion for and expertise about coffee came shining through in every moment of her semifinal round performance.

She told the judges she finds cherry and caramel flavors and aromas in her coffee. In fact, she incorporated the philosophy of aromatics, in conjunction with flavors, into her whole presentation.

To further bring the experience of the farm to her judges today, Miki prepared small "patios" of coffee for the judges to rake.

Miki made the final round at the 2011 WBC in Bogota ”she’s a favorite here, not just for her bubbly, friendly personality, but for her wise understanding of coffee, and what makes it great.

Time: 14.44

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