WBC Semifinalist #10: Ricardo Azofeifa Mora, Costa Rica

Ricardo Moza works in the agronomy and science department of the Costa Rican Coffee Association, ICafe. This gives him an unique perspective on coffee for a hobby barista, and he brought that natural science of coffee to the table for his performance here today in the semifinals round. At the close of his performance, he told emcee Michael Phillips, “I am so proud of the coffee… this coffee changed my life.”

I love seeing a barista smile at their shots ”Ricardo is so happy with his coffee here.

Ricardo was using a Geisha from ”where else ”Costa Rica. He broke the coffee down to its elements for his signature drink, combining the green coffee, the chaff and the cascara in a blend in a pitcher into which he poured 89 degree water and let steep.

Ricardo pouring his cappuccinos.

He pulled shots for this signature drink, and served them to the judges, but instructed them not to drink yet. As they cooled, he strained the green coffee/cascara/chaff brew through a traditional Costa Rica coffee brewer, basically a sock-filter on a wooden stand. He served 1/2 an ounce of this filtered brew in champagne flutes, and asked the judges to add the now cooled shot of espresso to the glasses, and enjoy.

Ricardo pours the brew through the traditional Costa Rican coffee brewer.

This was a wonderful performance, Ricardo ”your passion, energy and happiness with the coffee came through, and we all felt your joy.

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