Volunteer Power!

In an effort to involve baristas from around the world, Nordic Barista Cup organizers offer a unique opportunity to be a part of this amazing event to coffee lovers willing to work: volunteer to help with set up, running, managing, and multi-tasking, and in exchange you get to attend the event for free. This year, NBC volunteers hail from Russia, The Netherlands, Scotland, and the United States.


There are a limited number of volunteer spots available, and they are snatched up earlier and earlier every year. There is as much fun to be had as there are chores to do, which make for busy, playful days… and that’s what the Nordic Barista Cup is all about!


So we thought we would give a big cheers to the hard-working volunteers who are — as I type this — unpacking boxes, moving equipment, assembling stages, unfolding tables, and doing everything else necessary to make sure the event kicks off with a bang at 8 a.m. tomorrow (Thursday).


And it makes sense: The Nordic Barista Cup was developed to encourage coffee professionals to find new and unique methods for growing and learning together. Volunteer efforts have everything to do with that.


Great job, team! Keep up the good work!