Building the NBC

Ok, so the weather here in Gothenburg has begun to change. The locals say tonight it switches from Summer to Winter. No Autumn this year. They say it should be 1 Celsius tonight. That’s pretty chilly even for those of us who don’t use the metric system.
But the weather can’t stop the NBC.


Over the course of a couple of hours, the open space next to Da Matteo has had a floor installed, then a roof…


And now they’re wrapping up the walls and installing doors, and tomorrow when the competition starts, it will even be heated!


Of course having heat is not a luxury here in Sweden, but still it’s pretty impressive how quickly this is all coming together. Right now the volunteers are in the tent learning what they’ll be doing over the course of the event. They even have copies of the schedule, which they must guard with their barista lives, lest the fall into the teams’ hands and they find out what’s in store for them.