Tracy Allen Will Teach You About Cold Coffee

Don’t miss your chance to learn about cold coffee with an industry legend! Tracy Allen of Brewed Behavior is hosting the first cold coffee educational course designed specifically for roasters in Kansas City this February!


Photos courtesy of Brewed Behavior

In the blink of an eye, cold coffee has taken a huge piece of the specialty-coffee market. Many large companies sell ready-to-drink cold beverages, and you can find sections of your local grocery or big-box store dedicated solely to cold coffee products. The sudden demand for cold coffee can have some questioning its origins—how did cold coffee become so popular? And what can coffee roasters do to meet that demand?

Tracy Allen has been working with coffee companies and helping to implement best practices for years. Brewed Behavior has worked with folks all over the world, including Shanghai—where this photo was taken.

Tracy Allen, founder and president of Brewed Behavior (and frequent contributor to Barista Magazine), is ready to help you figure out everything you’ve wondered about cold coffee—and more! Brewed Behavior will launch the first intensive cold coffee course aimed at roasters and designed to break down the intricacies of this burgeoning market. The course will be conducted over five days, and will be offered to one roasting operation each week starting February 12 at the Brewed Behavior headquarters in Kansas City, Mo. The course will be offered weekly and will cover everything you could possibly want to know about all things cold coffee: its history, how to buy green coffee aimed specifically at being brewed cold, and the nuts and bolts of packaging and bottling.

The course is a chance for roasters to learn about all the intricacies of cold coffee from industry pros one-on-one.

The class will be the first of its kind, and means to respond to the growth cold coffee has experienced over the last few years. “We’re offering a course that hasn’t been done before because we’re seeing how much roasters can benefit from offering a cold coffee product that specifically matches their customers’ tastes and brings new awareness to their brand,” say Tracy. “We aim to take the guesswork out of every stage of cold coffee, to maximize the success roasters will see from introducing a new product.”

Cold coffee might seem pretty straightforward, but when applied to a business and bottling setting, the stakes become higher and there’s much more roasters need to know. The logistics of managing green coffee for cold drinks, how to properly store and bottle cold coffee, and how to ascertain quality and maintain longevity are just some of the topics that the class hopes to demystify.

Do you know what this contraption is? You’ll learn about large-scale cold coffee devices like this and others in the class!

You can sign up for the class at the Brewed Behavior website. The classes are a one-on-one chance for roasting companies to learn the ins and outs of the cold brewing business, so reserve a spot quickly!

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