The Champ

Barista Magazine is delighted to have 2007 World Barista Champion James Hoffmann on the cover of our October/November issue!


James and his partner, Anette Moldvaer (who shot the awesome cover photo, by the way) have become good friends of Ken’s and mine, so it was especially fun for us to plan this issue featuring James, as well as other news surrounding the WBC.

For example, 2006 WBC Champ Klaus Thomsen contributed this issue’s Barista at Large about how he spent his championship year. And Stephen Leighton of Has Bean wrote a great piece about his thoughts on blends vs. single origins, making connections to his experience working with James on his coffees. Daniel Humphries wrote a great story about pushing consumer education through public cuppings and tastings. And his fellow New York coffee pal, Erin “Just call me Meister” Meister wrote a sweet piece about what it is exactly that barista trainers do. We have awesome artwork in this issue, too — as you know, we like to gather artwork from within the barista community. Charrow, a barista at Octane in Atlanta, did a stellar illustration for the Death of the Blend article, while Scott Lucey-Goosey and his pals Colin and Natasha at Alterra did a great photo spread for Meister’s piece.

And there’s much more in this latest issue of Barista Magazine, so by all means, check it out.

Barista love,


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