Getting excited…

Loads of people took me up on my offer for free passes to Coffee Fest Seattle — I’ve probably mailed between 40 and 50 passes out so far! It makes me so excited for the show, which I think is the best retailer show in the country because it’s cheap, it’s in a great location, there are several other activities happening in conjunction with it (latte art & NWRBC), and the parties are legendary. Very important point, that last one.


The Millrock Latte Art Competition, presented by Yours Truly (well, I mean, the magazine, not me personally), is going to be sick! $5000 grand prize, 40 baristas pouring instead of 20, blind judging (I’ve been practicing my butt off on my judging). Saturday night final round… wack! And what about the Northwest Regional Barista Competition, which will take place right there at Coffee Fest Seattle!! Rumor has it Jon, Kendall and Aya Lewis are making the trip down. Some Alterra folks are gonna try to rock it at the latte art comp. Our friends at the Ugly Mug are coming all the way from Michigan. There are SO many people set to go to the show that it blows the mind!


It’ll also be the first chance that a lot of us get to check out the new Stumptown cafes up close and in person. I got a tour of them when I was in Seattle in August, but build-out was still in progress. Always the consummate party host, Big D and crue are hosting a party over the Coffee Fest weekend. I’ve even heard rumblings about a bike relay race…


Now all I gotta do is get past the wedding, which looms less than 2 weeks away, and we can relax and REALLY focus on Seattle!


  1. This is going to be way too damn much fun. I’m looking forward to meeting a bunch of new coffee folks. I can’t wait.

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