Sunday in Portland

So no, this is not a coffee related post, but it is a glimpse at life in one of specialty coffee’s hot spots, Portland, Oregon. Yesterday was a beautiful early summer day here in the Rose City. Earlier in the weekend, we had been roasted by temperatures in the high 90s, but by Sunday, things had cooled a little. So I went down to the waterfront, for an intimate little gathering with my friend, and next president of the United States, Barack Obama, and about 75,000 of my fellow Oregonians joined me. It turned out to be the largest political rally ever for a primary season. It was simply amazing and inspiring to see so many people turning out for change.
This is an Associate Press photo from the rally.

And this is the view from my perspective.


Tomorrow is Oregon’s primary (though since all of our voting is done by mail, most people have already voted. Ballots are due at designated drop boxes by 8:00pm tomorrow. If you’re in Oregon, and you haven’t delivered your ballot yet, you can find your dop box here.). I don’t recall our primary ever mattering before, but with only five contests left, it’s quite likely that our votes will put Obama over the top and secure an absolute majority of pledged delegates for him in his quest to secure the Democratic nomination.


Woo hoo!

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  1. “It was simply amazing and inspiring to see so many people turning out for change.”

    Have all these people decided to stop putting additives in their coffee? Change starts in the heart – not with a President….


    “life, liberty, and the pursuit of beautiful coffees”

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