Single Origin!

At Ritual, about a week ago, we launched our first SO shots! Baca had been messing around in our ghetto basement lab and finally decided that he nailed the coffee we were going to use to do this.

He’s got great taste because he chose our very first CoE purchase on our own, Guatemala San Jose El Yalu , CoE #3. It is a beautiful,beautiful coffee. Bright, juicy, fruity, and just a decadent shot. It’s totally different from anything we have ever offered, or anything I have ever tasted. Green apples, caramel, little bit of brownsugarbutteriness…just a lovely shot with some nice pop in the end.

I think we may try this with several more coffees because it really gets people excited about coffee and what we are doing. Also, it makes people think about espresso as a method of extraction and THAT relationship to coffee in a different way.

it’s freaking awesome. super easy to pull too, forgiving and delicious. yes please.

I want to hear about the best Single Origin shot you have ever had, and the most difficult one you have ever pulled.


  1. I had an amazing Ethiopian shot from the guys at Grumpy a few (that could be six, time flies!) months back. Now I’m spacing on the details, but it was—I believe—a coffee from Novo roasters. Somebody correct me! My brain is on postwedding hiatus.

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