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Welcome to the first Camp Pull-A-Shot video contest! For a few weeks now, we have been accepting submissions of short videos by baristas from anywhere in the U.S. The subject matter? Why these baristas think they deserve a chance to attend Camp Pull-A-Shot.

Marcus Boni of the SCAA and us here at Barista Magazine worked together to come up with this contest, which ”thanks to the generosity of the SCAA and Marcus, himself ”will provide the winner with an all-expenses paid trip to the first ever Barista Guild of America retreat for baristas, known as Camp Pull-A-Shot. While the event ”being held October 18 “21 in Santa Barbara, Calif. ”will be fun in only the way camp can be, it will be educationally intense, as well, with tons of classes and workshops, BGA certification tests, and more.

So welcome to the contest! Here’s what happens next: All 11 video submissions are posted here. Please watch them, enjoy them and then vote for your favorite! We’re doing the voting old school, that is to say: one vote per person please, and votes should be submitted as emails to camp [at] Just email the name of the person whose vid is your fave, or even just the video’s ID number (1 through 11). You don’t have to be a barista ”or even a coffee person ”to vote. The more people who weigh in on who our lucky winner will be, the better.

Voting continues through 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time, October 5. And we’ll announce the winner on October 6, right here on Pasteboard. So start watching!

(Note: the 11th video had a glitch that we’re trying to fix, so you’ll only see 10 up there now. Waiting for the file to be resent on the 11th, so please check back!)

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