Know Your Ingredients

Know Your Ingredients: Cacao

This time of year, chocolate is everywhere you look—but the story of cacao goes back thousands of years, starting with the ancient cultures of South America. BY EMILY JOY MENESESBARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Featured photo sourced […]

Let's Talk Coffee Panama 2014

Let’s Talk Choc: Sustainable Harvest’s Annual Event to Explore Cacao Issues, Production

Already bursting at the proverbial seams, Let’s Talk Coffee’s educational offerings are set to be even more substantial for the upcoming annual event. Hosted by Sustainable Harvest, the green-coffee importer headquartered in Portland, Ore., Let’s […]

Know Your Ingredients

Know Your Ingredients: Chaga Mushroom 

Ever tried mushrooms in your coffee? Chaga mushroom is a recent trend in the specialty-coffee world and boasts a number of health benefits. BY EMILY JOY MENESES BARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Featured photo by Elysabeth Malenfant […]