Scenes from the NWRBC

First of all, congrats to the finalists! Dillanos has done a super job with the Northwest Regional Barista Competition, and all these guys are grateful, to say the least…


From left: Kevin from Albina Press, Robbie from Zoka, Kristina from Lava Java, Brett from Zoka, Alex from the Fresh Pot, and Michael from Espresso Parts. Whoo hoo finalists!!!

And now, partly since the party starts soon and I wanna go, and partly because I’m having trouble with wireless access, here are sme scenes from the day. I’ll be blogging more in the next few days, and of course, you can read all about this momentous event in the February/March issue of Barista Magazine!


Tatiana and Mike from Trabant watch the show.



Thanks to Nuova Simonelli for the beautiful machines the competitors enjoyed working on today.



Nice signage, Jay Lijewski!


Jordan competed out of region. Holla!


Terry Z. from Espresso Parts and Gianni from Nuova Simonelli have a great day!



Mark Pfaff resurfaces! And with a beautiful performance.



Kevin and his mis en place.



Whos that dude? Ste-Mo — WBC champ — is judgemental.



January from Blend was in command of her space.



Marcus Boni: So handsome, and so totally capable. Really great job, Marcus.



Alex Pond of the Fresh Pot had some supporters in the crowd: Stephen, Jen and Alex. Lady Photog unknown.



Alex Pond, above, rocked it. Sweater by Prada.



MC Baca. Baca in Tacoma!



Finalists before they knew they were finalists: Robbie (beard) and Michael, Espresso Parts.


What a day! Party tonight! More news soon! Miss everyone who’s not here! Go Blazers — beat those Warriors!

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  1. I was there on Saturday but couldn’t make it to watch the finals today… great showing and good luck to the finalists…

  2. What a stellar turnout! So many great competitors and judges.

    Sigh. . . Tag-Team Latte Art _fail_. . . LLCool Jay’s karaoke skills. . . burning my hand on the steam wand. . .


    Congratulations Alex!

  3. BACA!!!!

    Congrats to all the finalists! and Jordan competing from NYC!? WASSUP!!! I just saw that kid in Abraco a week ago.

    Thanks for the coverage under shitty weather conditions.

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