Saturday News and Notes

A couple of newsworthy notes to pass along on a Saturday. First, the second-to-last regional for the USBC is underway in Atlanta this weekend. The Southeast Regional, won last year by Lem Butler (BMag’s June/July 08 cover story), is up for grabs. You can watch live video of it here.

In other news, I know you may have heard enough about Starbucks lately, but honestly, I read this, and I had to check the date, thinking I must have lost a month-and-a-half and ended up on April 1. Sadly, as they say, no!   Check out Andrew Hetzel’s, of Café Makers and Coffee Strategies, thoughts on the business aspects of this decision here and here.

Oh, and what you ask, is the Starbuck’s news? Why the introduction of their latest product: instant coffee. Which leads me to wonder, what happens if you put instant coffee in a Clover? Crazy delicious or dilithium degeneration?

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