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  1. Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for saying nice things, you are far too kind.

    As for the great British public…. well, perhaps this will help people understand the heavy hearted sighs I make when talking about coffee in the UK, as well as the rest of the world’s surprise that a brit managed to win the WBC!

    In amongst all the trash, and childish comments there were a few people who seemed to get it, which makes getting up in the mornings easier.

    If you’ve been following the guardian blogs then at least you didn’t receive the same vitriol of the young lad who made one post of his travelogue before being flamed back into silence….

    Ah, the English….

  2. Sarah

    I read your article and it was good, a nice short piece. Then I began to read through the mostly drivel of comments that the general public managed to post. I guess all I want to say is don’t take it personally (I’m sure you won’t)- look at them as the masses who are yet to discover what we are lucky enough to enjoy and learn every day – specialty coffee. Once upon a time I woke up to a cup of instant with milk and sugar *shudders* – it was not until I was 17 I tasted espresso coffee for the first time 🙂 there is hope for them yet!

    I also like how both you and James managed to get in a response.


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