World Barista Championship

WBC Semifinal Round

It’s been an exciting day here in Melbourne at the World Barista Championship. The 12 semifinalists have each taken the stage (as I write this, the final competitor of the day ”William, Barista Champ of […]

WBC Melbourne 2013

Official WBC Round 1 Schedule

All times are AEST. For more information on how to calculate the Australian time difference, go HERE. DAY 1 OF 2: THURSDAY, MAY 23 #1: 8:15 a.m. PERU Roberto Pablo Caldas Portugal Arabica Espresso Bar […]

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The Colin Harmon Interview Uncut

As we put the finishing touches on the February/March 2013 issue of Barista Magazine, I find I’m not ready to say goodbye to December/January 2013 issue cover-boy Colin Harmon just yet. We received quite a […]

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Posts worth Reading

Twitter is a lot of fun, and a great way to share a lot of information. But that is also a downside. As the flow of information keeps rolling uninterrupted, it’s easy for worthwhile reading […]

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WBC Vienna 2012

2012 World Barista Championship Finalists!

(in no particular order) BARISTA CHAMPION OF THE UK: Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood BARISTA CHAMPION OF MEXICO: Fabrizio Sencíon Ramírez BARISTA CHAMPION OF JAPAN: Miki Suzuki BARISTA CHAMPION OF GREECE: Stefanos Domatiotis BARISTA CHAMPION OF IRELAND: Colin […]