WBC 2014 Rimini

Barista Champion of Ireland

Editor’s note: As we approach the beginning of the 2014 World Barista Championship, which takes place in Rimini, Italy, June 9 “12, at the SCAE’s World of Coffee event, we would like to introduce you […]

WBC Melbourne 2013

WBC Finalist #4: Colin Harmon of Ireland

This is nothing new to Colin Harmond. He has competed ”and made it to the WBC finals ”four times now. The first was in Atlanta in 2009, where he placed fourth; the second was in […]

World Barista Championship

Confirmed! WBC Heading to Italy, USA, and Ireland!

Just got the official confirmation from Laura Lee of World Coffee Events: the world’s biggest, most competitive, and most esteemed contest for baristas, the World Barista Championship (WBC), has finalized locations through 2016. In 2014, […]

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WBC Vienna 2012

WBC Finalist #4: Colin Harmon, Ireland

Colin Harmon is a perennial crowd favorite. And it’s not because a rowdy bunch of Irish folks follow him from competition to competition, throwing green balloons and cheering him til their voices go hoarse. No, […]

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WBC Atlanta 2009

Finalist #6: IRELAND

World Barista Championship FINALIST #6 COLIN HARMON OF IRELAND One year and one day ago, Colin started his first barista job. That is to say, ne year ago, he didn’t know how to turn an […]

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WBC Atlanta 2009

Ireland, Denmark, United Kingdom

#38: BARISTA CHAMPION OF IRELAND ”COLIN HARMON Today is the one-year anniversary of Colin becoming a barista. Prior to coffee, Colin was a successful financier ”he had no reason to look for another career path. […]