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The June + July 2024 issue of Barista Magazine featuring Mikael Jasin on a wooden table.

In our June + July 2024 issue, we feature World Barista Champion Mikael Jasin from Indonesia! We also take a deep dive into decaf, look at better training techniques, go one on one with Trish Rothgeb, and much more!


We are so excited to release our June + July 2024 issue! Two years ago, we featured the same barista on the cover: Mikael Jasin of So So Good Coffee and Catur Coffee Company. Back then, we were inspired to showcase Mikael because of the exceptional performance he turned in as the Indonesian Barista Champion at the World Barista Championship (WBC) in Milan, Italy, where he chose to use only coffees from his home country. This was a bold move, as it’s well known that coffees from Panama and Colombia have dominated the competition in the past. But even using coffees judges were fairly unfamiliar with on the world stage, Mikael placed an impressive seventh for his efforts.

But then he came back even stronger, winning the Indonesian Barista Championship title again in late 2023 and going on to achieve the top honor in specialty coffee: He won the World Barista Championship in Busan, South Korea, in May 2024. We always feature the new World Barista Champion on the cover of one of the six issues per year that we publish, and we were thrilled to celebrate Mikael in our pages again, and learn what he had done this time to win it all.

This packed issue of Barista Magazine also includes articles on annual planning, creating better staff training programs, digging deep on decaf, a one-on-one interview with Trish Rothgeb, and much more. We are endlessly grateful for the contributions of the fantastic photographers and illustrators, and talented writers, who created the content for the pages (paper or digital) of the June + July 2024 issue.

Cover Feature: WBC Champion Mikael Jasin

The opening spread of the Mikael Jasin article in the June + July 2024 issue.
Mikael Jasin thought about quitting barista competitions before coming back to compete and win the 2024 WBC.

Mikael Jasin has been an ambassador for the Indonesian coffee community for quite a few years now through efforts both as a barista and consultant, as well as a champion of Indonesian coffee producers, with whom he works to help them improve their harvesting and processing efforts. To see him become the first Indonesian to win the World Barista Championship was a thrilling thing to see—but it took a lot of hard work, both emotionally and physically, for him to get there.

’The Secrets of a Superior Training Manual’

The Secrets of a Superior Training Manual opening spread from the June + July 2024 is a Indiana Jone-parody of a  barista finding a training manual.
Jared Truby shares his experience creating training programs at his coffee company, Cat and Cloud.

Co-owner of the celebrated Cat & Cloud in Santa Cruz, Calif., Jared Truby literally wrote the book on training manuals for café owners. In this article, Jared shares his philosophy on approaching training manuals to be effective and engaging with staff.

’Deconstructing Decaf’

Opening spread of Deconstructing Decaf spelled in lego style blocks.
Decaf coffee has seen a boost in popularity lately, including on the competition stage.

Decaffeinated coffee is experiencing a renaissance right now, showing up in barista competitions for the first time, and in heated discussions about processing methods. Coffee producers are even able to decaffeinate coffee on the farm, and the standard and respected methods of processing like Swiss Water continue to stand the test of time.

’One on One: Trish Rothgeb’

Two-page spread from the June + July 2024 issue of One on One with Trish Rothgeb. A portrait of Trish is on the left.
Trish Rothgeb has played a pioneering role in specialty coffee for more than two decades, working globally as an instructor and roaster.

Trish Rothgeb’s reputation precedes her, from being the first woman in the United States to earn Q Grader certification, to being an inaugural board member for the Roasters Guild, to famously coining the term “third-wave coffee.“ She is also the owner of the successful San Francisco-based coffee roaster/retailer Wrecking Ball Coffee and an authorized Q Trainer for the Coffee Quality Institute, and she recently launched the company Good Form Coffee Educators in partnership with industry veteran Dan Streetman.

And Much More Inside

Also in the June + July 2024 issue, you’ll find “The Knockbox“ focusing on annual planning written by longtime coffee professional, former U.S. Barista Champion, and retailing expert Laila Ghambari; an “Inclusivity in Coffee“ feature about Mikey Rinaldo of New Math Coffee; and much, much more.  

Cover of June + July 2024 issue of Barista Magazine featuring Mikael Jasin of Indonesia.

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