Open for Business!

The Swedes are crazy for the Nordic Barista Cup! Thanks to a lot of sunshine, the people of Gothenburg are out and about on this lovely Saturday afternoon, and they’re coming in droves to see what this barista thing is all about.


The five Nordic teams have done a tremendous job putting together their cafes in record time. Team Finland’s Cafe Avec is a big hit with customers. One of my favorite things about it is the chocolates they had specially made and brought all the way from Finland for this exact reason.


Team Denmark’s cafe, called Value Chain, has an incredible assortment of food and drink; I especially enjoy watching Troels Poulsen walking around the room like an old fashioned cigarette girl selling his wares.


Team Iceland has a very unique approach: they did not spend money from their business plan on an espresso machine, but rather, on two Clovers. Their cafe, the Spot, is quickly becoming a destination — well, spot.


As for creativity, we can’t forget the decisions made by Team Norway: they have invited special guest baristas — Scott Lucey, Tim Wendelboe, and James Hoffman — to make espressos in their cafes. Also, they are hosting cuppings of both tea and coffee for the public.


We can’t forget Sweden, whose cafe Local Globe offers very interesting taste combinations. They designed a menu that actually pairs espresso beverages with preferable sweet treats and sandwiches.


The scores are tight — last I checked, Finland and Iceland were neck and neck! The cafes will be open for another two hours, and anything could happen!

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