Our Friends: The Volunteers

You know the saying, “without (blank), none of this would have been possible”? Well, in the case of the Nordic Barista Cup volunteers, it’s really true. It’s unbelievable how hard they have been working, the number of hours they are putting in… honestly, it has not gone unnoticed.


They have been wearing orange NBC shirts that say “Friend” on the back, and we refer to them as “Friends.” The “Best Friend” (i.e. head volunteer), is none other than Chris Owens of Atlanta. He keeps his troops in line, and they all keep each other laughing. If they didn’t laugh so much, I think they might cry because they are exhausted from their chores. Don’t worry, guys — you get to sleep in tomorrow!!


This guy certainly isn’t working as hard as the Friends, but he’s putting in a lot of hours all the same!! But, hey man, would it kill you to smile?


On a rare one-hour break, the Friends grabbed a nap. We love you guys!