New issue, starring Stephen Morrissey

Criminy, how did it get to be August already? Feels like only yesterday that it was June and we were in Copenhagen, Denmark, watching Stephen Morrissey, Barista Champion of Ireland, win the 9th Annual World Barista Championship… As has been our tradition from the inception of Barista Magazine in 2005, we are proud to introduce you to the new WBC Champ by way of our cover and an in-depth article. So here’s Stephen!


No, he didn’t let us dress him up as a leprechaun for the cover, unfortunately. But we’re pretty darn happy with the awesome photos James Hoffmann took for us of our new champ. Way better than this one Ken wanted to use…


Subscribers will be receiving this issue in the next couple of weeks, but if you want to check out the mag right now, simply click on the image of the cover on our homepage and you can read the whole magazine online for free!

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  1. Since this issue of BM hit the bar display it has been flying off the shelf. Women of all ages and sizes are clamoring for more of this strange man from Ireland. One even asked if I knew the Irishman and if I could send him her panties.

    This kind of sexual reawakening is enough to make anyone desire to be the Barista Champion of the World.

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