More Bay Area News

Following up on Gabe’s great report on home cupping with Andrew, Chris and Drew, some of our favorite Bay Area coffee companies are getting rave reviews from the San Francisco Chronicle. Ritual, Weavers, Blue Bottle, Four Barrel, and Barefoot all get their props, in two separate stories (“Roast with the Most” and “Coffee Lovers Spill the Beans”.) In fact, in one of the aspects that I like best about the coffee community, customers whose favorite small-batch roasters weren’t mentioned in the first story flooded the Chronicle’s inbox to make sure their roasters received their props too.

Both stories are good reads and further demonstrate how far specialty coffee has come, how much potential there still is, and how devoted coffee consumers have become to quality coffee.


  1. Yes. It was incredible to be talked about in this article and be the communities choice for local roasters. Nothing like roasting quality coffee and focusing on minimizing your ecological footprint.

  2. Yes. It was great to be part of the communities favorite roasters. Thanks for throwing this up on your blog. Keep up the great work!!

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