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jesse harriott of copper horse coffee roasters

Jesse Harriott’s new project Copper Horse Coffee Roasters to campaign on Kickstarter

The friendly face of Jesse Harriott has become a welcome fixture at American coffee trade shows over the years. Jesse volunteers wherever he can. and has became completely instrumental in the growth of Coffee Fest’s America’s Best Coffeehouse Competition. Jesse, who is a longtime resident of Louisville, Ky., and who has been largely responsible for the epic growth of the city’s specialty-coffee scene as a proponent of coffee community, wrote to tell me that he and his family will be leaving Louisville soon. They’re super sad about it ”but they’re also pretty excited. Why? Because Jesse, along with two coffee friends, Kristian Woodall (Carriage House Café) and Caleb Scott have been talking and dreaming about starting a small-batch coffee roastery in Ithaca, New York.

And they’re finally going to do it.

“We will service many of the smaller businesses in the region who serve coffee,” says Jesse. “We will also be selling coffee to people that visit our roastery and tasting room as well as out and about at farmers markets. Our mission at Copper Horse Coffee Roasters is to source specialty coffee in a very transparent and sustainable way while roasting coffee with the utmost care in small 10-20 pound batches connecting our family of coffee farmers and importers with our family of customers through sharing the simple fun of great coffee and the story behind each coffee.”

“Currently, we have secured a space on Rt. 79 just outside of Ithaca,” Jesse continues. “We have purchased a roaster and completed the build out of our beautiful 1,000 square foot space. We are starting a Kickstarter campaign to raise the remaining funds for the installation of the roaster, initial green coffee purchases, startup purchases, and equipment. The Kickstarter campaign will run for 30 days.
Jesse says the goal for Copper Horse Coffee Roasters’ Kickstarter campaign is $10,000. Please stay tuned to Barista Magazine’s social media for news on when Copper Horse Coffee Roaster’s Kickstarter campaign is live.
And best of luck to you, Jesse, Kristian, and Caleb!
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