Make Decent Coffee Makes It Easy to, Well, You Guessed It

I like the website, Make Decent Coffee, for a lot of reasons, but usability is up there at the top of the list. From the moment you get to the homepage, where you’re given a choice whether to buy coffee or to get help sorting through your options, to getting assistance choosing the perfect coffee for a V60 preparation, to the numerous how-to guides and films, Make Decent Coffee ”a UK-based company ”is about more than great coffee; it’s about exploring coffee to find the one that’s greatest for YOU.

Make Decent Coffee
Make Decent Coffee offers great how-to videos for the home user.

I quite enjoy Make Decent Coffee’s how-to guides, which are easy to follow, and also the films, some of which are educational (like how to make a Cafetiere) and some of which are nothing but fun (Alternative Uses for Instant Coffee, anyone?).

I have a friend in Leeds who loves coffee but doesn’t get out much to the local shops doing coffee right. So I sent her the link to Make Decent Coffee. She enjoys fantastic coffee but she’s not a connoisseur (she has 4 kids, so she’s more of a small-human  connoisseur). She has been loving Make Decent Coffee because it makes it easy for her to 1) Learn about coffee and equipment use; 2) Buy coffee and equipment; and 3) Be engaged and entertained by a well-designed, well-written site with a sense of humor.

Besides videos, Make Decent Coffee's got recipes for different brew methods.
Besides videos, Make Decent Coffee’s got recipes for different brew methods.

So good on you, Make Decent Coffee. We’re glad you’re here.

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