BMag Back Atcha “ Week of August 4-10, 2014

Welcome to BMag Back Atcha “ Week of  August 4-10, 2014

It’s BMag Back Atcha “ Week of August 4-10, 2014: our weekly roundup of all the posts from the Barista Magazine blog this week where you can find links to everything we covered in case you missed anything.

BMag Back Atcha  “ Week of August 4-10, 2014
Looking for a new gig in New York? Pret A Manger is hiring!

We started the week with a job posting in New York from Pret A Manger. They are looking for talented baristas and you can get all of the details here:  Unique NYC Coffee Job Opportunity: Pret A Manger

BMag Back Atcha  “ Week of August 4-10, 2014
The Chemex print is among the first three in an eight-part series from the Department of Brewology.

Then we had a story on a great new project by a group of folks from Austin, Texas known as the Department of Brewology. We spoke with David Salinas, who is creating the hand drawn and handmade prints celebrating, education and promoting different brew methods and techniques. They are awesome!  Read about them here:  Brewing Up Some Beautiful Prints

BMag Back Atcha  “ Week of August 4-10, 2014
Our weekly trivia contest where you can win awesome coffee-related prizes!

On Wednesday we played Humpday Giveaway, our weekly trivia contest for fun and prizes, and guess what this week’s prize was? Yep, a Department of Brewology print!  Let’s Play Barista Magazine’s Humpday Giveaway #73! (August 6, 2014 Edition)

And our winner announcement on Thursday is here:  Barista Magazine’s Humpday Giveaway Winner #73! (August 6, 2014 Edition)

BMag Back Atcha  “ Week of August 4-10, 2014
Formerly a high ranking USBC competitor, and top barista at BARISTA in Portland, Tyler Stevens is now one of the city’s most famous bartenders.

Then we had a story on Tyler Stevens, a former barista competitor from Billy Wilson’s famous  BARISTA  coffeehouse on Northeast Alberta in Portland, Ore. Now he’s moved on to bar tending in some of the city’s most famous bars, and is already making a name for himself in the  United States Bartenders’ Guild  (USBG) competition arena. You can read more about him and his latest competition success here:  Barista Star Turned Cocktail King: Portland’s Tyler Stevens in the Spotlight

BMag Back Atcha  “ Week of August 4-10, 2014
Coffee joulies are pretty cool (literally.)

Friday we had a post on a new gadget (if that’s the right word) that has just appeared on the coffee scene. They’re called  Coffee Joulies, and they are kind of an incredible engineering feat. They absorb excessive heat from coffee and cool it to make it easier to drink. You can read about their development and how they work here:  Coffee Joulies: An Engineered Solution to Cooling Coffee

BMag Back Atcha  “ Week of August 4-10, 2014
Doesn’t that look delicious on a hot summer day?

Then on Saturday, our regular contributor Jeremy Martin was back (he just completed a six-part series for us on cold brew coffee) with another entry in the cooler side of coffee ledger. This time he wrote about coffee ice cream, a perfect topic for a hot August day. You can read about it here: Beyond Simple Ice Cream

And that wrapped up the week, so that brings us to the end of  BMag Back Atcha “ Week of August 4-10, 2014! Thanks for stopping by! And remember to check back all week long for more great stories, contests and news here at the BMag blog!

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