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reporting, briefly, live from the floor of the Australian Barista extravaganza that is the National barista competition, the Latte Art, Good spirits and Cup tasting (which i am shitting myself about ‘cos i’m competing) we’re well underway on day 2 of the 3 day festival.

yesterday saw the ‘open’ heat, where there is the opportunity for baristas to come from anywhere, some have competed before, some are going for a second chance, some just can’t get enough! From 13 then, we moved four into today’s semi final which will then channel 5 into the ABC tomorrow, Aust time 10:30am Sunday (Saturday night US time!)

 DSCF5976 by you.


It wouldn’t be a barista gathering without some sort of party, so our lovely hosts Detpak and Da Vinci Gourmet threw a cocktail welcome meet and greet at the Jupiters Casino last night, which was lovely, as we were also joined by the Nuovo simonelli Asia Pacific rep Piergiorgio who has travelled a long way (anyone who comes here knows is a long way from everywhere) to share our fun weekend.


Internet is not readily available at the venue so posts may be short and sweet, but needless to say we’ll keep you up to date as much as possible as news comes to hand. This year a great deal of our event has been organised and managed by the 2008 WBC runner up Dave Makin, power horse!

And how is the coffee tasting so far?…


DSCF5965 by you.






I’ll let you know!




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