Liquid Swords Goes Public. Nelson Melo Too!

I took 6 hours today and I’m going to take 4 hours Saturday and serve Nelson Melo espresso and/or Liquid Swords to the public.

Thur 2/26 I spent 6 hrs at our Humboldt Headquarters – we set up a GS/3 and robur and in it pulled shots of Nelson Melo espresso and made Liquid Swords for the public.   Saturday I’ll be doing the same thing at our cafe on Prospect Ave.   That’ll be from 11-3pm.
This was one of the best experiences I’ve had in coffee – the public reation was better than expected, the least I can say was that the cafe had such great energy it was like being on another planet.

I think it should be every baristas dream to promote the coffee they think best.   Having a signature type beverage to accompany espresso is surely capable of capturing public interest.

Liquid Swords won the heart of Milwaukee today.   It was amazing practice, I estimate making at least 50 to 100 liquid swords.   Not only did it help building the drink but especially explaining it.   If you can’t explain your drink to a 90yr old grandmother you aren’t going to explain it well to an experienced judge.

Best day ever,



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