Introducing BMag’s Humpday Giveaway Contest!

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Tell me this: what’s better than a game of trivia? How about a game of coffee trivia? We knew you would agree. So we devised a new online contest to take place most every Wednesday right here on Barista Magazine’s blog! We call it HUMPDAY GIVEAWAY!

It works like this: Every Wednesday ”provided we’re in the office and not traveling ”we’ll post a trivia question here on our blog, and also on Facebook (Barista Magazine) and Twitter (@baristamagazine). Think you know the answer? Then write it in the comment section here (or on Facebook or Twitter), and everyone who submits the correct answer will be entered in a drawing. Sometimes we’ll draw three names, sometimes two, sometimes just one.

The prizes are gonna be killer: limited edition coffee table books from companies like La Marzocco and Nuova Simonelli; bags of coffee from roasters around the world; equipment like grinders, tampers, pitchers, and more. And also, coveted coffee company t-shirts.

For this first Humpday Giveaway, two lucky participants will win a Third Floor Espresso (3FE) tshirt from Irish Barista Champ Colin Harmon’s Dublin cafe! This shirt is killer.

3FE's tshirts feature a scale on the front. How cool is that?
3FE’s tshirts feature a scale on the front. How cool is that?

OK, ready for the trivia question? In honor of the Northeast Regional Barista Competition (NERBC) starting today in Long Island City, New York, we have an NERBC related query:


If you’ve held onto your Official U.S. Barista Championship Event Program from back in 2008, you can look it up. Otherwise, think hard, ask your friends, Google, and do whatever you can to find out the answer. Leave the person’s name in the comment section here, or post on Barista Magazine’s Facebook or Twitter, and voila! You could win a 3FE tshirt!

Happy Humpday, everybody!



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