Marathoning for Coffee Kids

There’ll be a lot going on in Boston in the middle of April — the opening games of the Boston Red Sox, for one thing. But in terms of worldwide events, there are two that particularly stand out in our minds: The Specialty Coffee Association of America’s Conference and Expo, and the Boston Marathon. Both are huge: the SCAA is arguably the biggest and most important coffee gathering in the world, and the Boston Marathon is one of the top annual athletic events globally. And we’re gonna be there!

Now, for those of us who didn’t qualify for the Boston Marathon (a-hem), we can all rest easy knowing that the coffee world will be well represented at the Boston Marathon by none other than Guy Burdett, who is not only a self-described “avid/crazy marathoner,” but is the President of InterAmerican Coffee! And guess what? Guy is doing something pretty darn special to marry this coming together of his two passions, running and coffee: he is dedicating his race to raising money for Coffee Kids. That’s pretty amazing!

This is Guy. We think he's pretty awesome.
This is Guy. We think he’s pretty awesome.

Guy says, “I would be honored if you would make a donation to Coffee Kids to support this endeavor.
The following are only suggestions… please feel free to donate any amount you are comfortable with, I am flattered that you have read this far!

Suggested Donations & Additional Information:
$26- individuals
$226- mid-sized companies and very generous individuals
$526- large companies, very generous small to mid-sized companies and extremely generous individuals
$26000- rock stars, movie stars etc…. I may even be talked into sporting a tattoo for you!!!!

Also, it would be incredibly awesome if you would consider making annual contributions to Coffee Kids. Coffee Kids is doing great work to help improve the lives of families in coffee producing communities.”

So check out Guy’s website and consider making a donation. And wish Guy good luck when you see him in Boston ”he’s a pretty dedicated coffee professional, not to mention runner.

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