In Honor of the First Day of Hanukkah: Meet Landwer Coffee of Israel

Happy Hanukkah, everyone! In honor of the first day of Hanukkah, we wanted to share with you news of Landwer’s Coffee in Tel-Aviv, which is one of Israel’s leading coffee roasters.

Landwer's Coffee in Tel-Aviv.
Landwer’s Coffee in Tel-Aviv.

Established by Moshe Landwer in 1919 in Berlin, Landwer Coffee operated as a small cafe and roasters until 1933, when the Nazis came into power in Germany, and the Landwer family fled to Tel-Aviv, where the company because the first coffee roaster in Israel.

Landwer’s Coffee was established on Alenbi Street in Tel-Aviv first as just the roaster, and then adding a cafe soon after. In 1964, Landwer’s moved its roasting operation to the city’s industrial region where it occupied a hangar space that is 1,000 square meters.

Landwer's uses Unic espresso machines in all their shops.
Landwer’s uses Unic espresso machines in all their shops.

In the early 1980s, Moshe’s son, Shmuel, sold the family company to the Federman family. The company continues to service Tel-Aviv’s growing coffee-drinking population as one of the two largest coffee roasters in the country. Still, Landwer’s maintains the intimate, neighborhood-coffee feeling ”now updated with a contemporary menu, Unic espresso machines, and craft-roasted coffees ”that made it so popular almost 100 years ago.


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